Blueberry Coconut Porridge | Porridge di Cocco e Mirtilli

Blueberry Coconut Porridge :

This is simply my favorite breakfast recipe, i love the combination of the juicy blueberry with the crunchy coconut flakes. Coconut is very rich in dietary fiber and has a very low glycemic index, it helps to fight constipation and it will reduce your sweet cravings.

Açai Bowl | Coppa di Açai

Açai Bowl :

This is one of my favourite breakfast as it is very creamy yet healthy and nourishing .

Açai berry is in fact a berry grown in exotic countries such as Brazil and is rich in antioxidants which will make your body healthier and cleaner. This bowl represents a complete breakfast as it has a good portion of carbohydrates, unrefined sugar and protein. I usually like to do it with the açai berry powder but you can find also the berry pulp in many organic shops.