Almond Banana Porridge / Porridge di Banana e Mandorle

Almond Banana Porridge :

I know, I’m kind of obsessed with porridge. I love to have something warm and cozy for breakfast, especially during these cold days in Jackson Hole. I’m trying to prepare a different porridge every morning, ¬†and I have noticed that I had no sugar cravings while skiing, which is truly awesome. Oats are rich in beta-glucan, a fiber that can lower cholesterol levels, can stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent heart diseases, therefore a porridge is not only a super delicious breakfast but it turns out that it’s also very very good for you!

Blueberry Coconut Porridge | Porridge di Cocco e Mirtilli

Blueberry Coconut Porridge :

This is simply my favorite breakfast recipe, i love the combination of the juicy blueberry with the crunchy coconut flakes. Coconut is very rich in dietary fiber and has a very low glycemic index, it helps to fight constipation and it will reduce your sweet cravings.

Raspberry Porridge | Porridge ai Lamponi

Raspberry Porridge :

This is the most fast and soft porridge that I know. The recipe is quite easy and the best thing is that you can prepare it the night before and enjoy it in the morning when you don’t have time to cook a proper warm porridge. I used raspberry because I simply love them and they are rich in fiber and antioxidants, but you can use any choice of berries.